Monday, September 18, 2006

Bullseye Necklace

Well, almost back to normal....(hopefully) - bye distractions that doesn't take me anywhere -. About the flash lessons, I finally did it, except uploading my finished work to any web page, gotta work on that a bit more. I've been traveling, not as far, as distracting and relaxing; I went to El Salvador the weekend before last one, and this past weekend I went hiking a volcano, the Pacaya, I uploaded some pics at my Flickr page.

I also received my teacup!!! From the teacup swap... I promise, tomorrow I'll post the picture, is an adorable antique cup with saucer, and a deliciuos tea. (Thank's Peggy!!!)

But getting back to business, this is my finding for today... amazing frosted glass rings set within each other to create those amazing necklaces, the colors are incredible a must see at Elsewares.