Monday, August 14, 2006

Haute Note

Finally back, not especially happy today, everyone got the day off at the office, but me. . . seems like my day will be boring and lonely. Well, the good side of it is that at least I'll be able to catch up with you. -That if I don't get to do the work of the people that didn't come today.-

Talking about better things, I got
my book!!!! I'm so happy with it. The written part is just as light, pretty, nice, and joyful, as the illustrations. Pure chicness (is that a word? well, you got my point). Thanks a lot to the knight in a shining armor that brought it to me.

But going back to what I owe you; the findings I haven't post... I found this amazing paperie Haute Note, the print quality of their pieces seems excellent in the close up shots, as well as the colors, and designs, take a look. They even have different kinds of layouts (and very original).