Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finding inspiration

After reading the bio of Florence Broadhurst, a european, world-renowned wallpaper and textile designer from the 30's. -- Well, that's not the whole story. And it deserves to be told even in at least a couple of lines --She started as a singer, founded an art academy, got married, and acquired a dress shop on London, by the 60's she founded the company for which she became famous with, selling (handprinted) wallpapers, that with time and after her tragic death, it became Signature Prints... sort of (to read the whole and really accurate story go to The Opulent Prints of Florence Broadhurst, at Designboom)

Her designs have inspired even fashion designers. They are very classic and elegant. There are many inspiring collections, prints, wallpapers, limited edition art, and furnishing.