Tuesday, July 25, 2006

gloss, gloss, gloss....

Why is that the lip glosses are taking over, or is it just me??? Go ahead, you are allowed, and take a look inside my purse, you will find, a clear-minty one, a soft pink, a vanilla scented, and a pretty case with 4 different shades, scents and smells; at home, I have many more... and the worst thing, I'm still getting more!!!! (By the way, you should stop at bath&body if you are like me... you'll enjoy the visit.)

I just can't resist, now they are making them so little, pretty, and heavenly scented... Go and take a look at this findings,
(click here) they promise to keep my morning entertained (well, besides my office work).

P.S. hmm... I was forgetting... there's another one I got last week, pretty crystal clear little cube... brown sugar, delightful.